Hi! I'm Megan, owner and creator of Morgan & Meg.

I just like good, simple food. I want to share that with other people because I believe that cooking is easier than most people think.
— Megan, creator of Morgan & Meg

Morgan & Meg is a lifestyle blog based in Port Macquarie, Australia. It is the creation and labour of love of Megan Philippa, baking addict, card maker and postcard collector. 

Megan’s food philosophy

I just like good, simple food. I want to share that with other people because I think cooking is easier than most people think. And simple food can be beautiful food. I cook because for me, food is about community. It’s about bringing people together and sharing something that has been created by only me, just for them.

Food is also about stopping for a moment and sharing a conversation over a meal. Life moves so fast these days but taking time to sit down to a meal with friends and family, enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine, that is one thing that I will always make time for. I believe everyone should make time to stop, turn off their devices, connect with loved ones and enjoy a meal together, no matter how simple that meal is. It’s just so important.

When I cook, it takes me to another place. I stop thinking about all my worries (of which there are more than I’d care to admit), and I focus on that one task at hand. To me, cooking is my form of relaxation or meditation and it clears my head completely.
I do it because I love to brighten other people’s day. I get a kick out of seeing this thing I created being enjoyed by someone I care about.

I think it's fair to say that cooking is a ritual that is essential to my daily happiness.

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.
— Auguste Escoffier

The Morgan & Meg story

When I was in my final years of high school, I studied commercial cookery and absolutely loved it. For a long time I was set on the idea of becoming a chef, as I dearly loved to cook.

When I left school, I studied Hospitality Management at the International College of Tourism and Hotel Management in Sydney, and after working extensively in event management I started working in Marketing. These days I work full-time as a digital content specialist managing social media, web content and blogging for a hospitality company. 

My true passion in life is food. I am obsessed with cooking, talking about and reading about food! I started my first blog in 2012 under the name 'Homecoming' but in 2016 moved to a new web platform and re-named the blog Morgan & Meg.  I now spend every spare minute that I have recipe testing and sharing my recipes on my blog running my small-batch market stall in Port Macquarie. I dream of one day having my own special little place to share my creations with the world, in the form of a tiny little deli cafe that focuses on local produce and sells gourmet treats and pantry items.

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PS. Curious about why I named my blog 'Morgan & Meg' or want to know more about me? Check out this blog post where  I explain the story behind the name.

A party without cake is just a meeting
— Julia Child
Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.
— Julia Child