30 blog post ideas for food bloggers

As a blogger, one of the toughest things we have to do is come up with what we are going to write about. Sometimes we are so completely inspired by what’s going on around us, and other times, we sit down to write and are struck with the worst writer’s blog imaginable.

I have mentioned previously how important it is to have a content plan in place for your blog to ensure you stay on track throughout the year and don’t forget any special seasonal events or themes that would help you with your content. BUT, I also believe that it’s really important to be authentic when it comes to blogging.

As your readers start to get to know you through your blog, they will be able to pick up when you are not being true to your own style or writing about something you have no clue about.

So, my advice is to write what comes naturally to you, as much as possible.

By all means, have an editorial plan in place for your blog and plan out the different types of content you will share - this provides a great basis for regular blogging and will set you up for success, however if you wake up one day and you feel like writing about something that happened to you today, how you’re feeling or a childhood memory you feel you absolutely must share, then of course, do it! For example, I mostly write about food, but sometimes I write about myself or my own experiences.

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Write about food

Of course, we’re here to talk about food blogging, so of course, let’s share some recipes. But don’t forget that on top of sharing the recipe, tell your readers a little something more about it. Tell your reader why you made that particular thing today. Tell them about any memories associated to that food, and tell them what it looks, smells and tastes like - make it a sensory experience for your reader.

You don’t have to write a novel before sharing the recipe, but at a minimum, share a few things related to the recipe - after all, that’s why we read food blogs and not just recipe websites.

As I was saying earlier, you don’t just have to talk about food or share recipes all the time. Here are my 30 blog post ideas for food bloggers. Use this list on the days when you’re absolutely stumped for ideas and needing some inspiration.

If you don’t have time to read them all now, you can always pin this post for later on!

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30 blog post ideas for food bloggers

  1. What I ate this week

  2. Review a local restaurant

  3. 10 essential pantry items you should always have in stock

  4. 5 easy weeknight dinners

  5. How to make 5 meals for under X dollars

  6. Baking recipes you can make with your kids

  7. Kitchen hacks that will change your life

  8. Friday favourites - what I’m loving this week

  9. Feature ingredient - focus on (insert item here)

  10. Seasonal ingredients (eg pumpkin)

  11. Christmas baking

  12. How to use up Christmas leftovers

  13. Cookbook review

  14. Your favourite food blogs

  15. Books that foodies will love

  16. 10 things you might not know about me

  17. Share your favourite foodie phone apps

  18. Share your favourite kitchen gadget

  19. Interview a chef or restaurant owner whom you admire

  20. List your favourite foodie podcasts

  21. Tips to stay organised in the kitchen

  22. How to use up vegetables that are almost past their use-by date

  23. How to save money on your weekly grocery shop

  24. 10 creative ways to work with (insert ingredient item here)

  25. How to cook the perfect roast dinner

  26. Easy lunchbox snacks

  27. Basic cooking methods: eg how to poach an egg perfectly every time

  28. Why I decided to start blogging

  29. Share a food experience you had while travelling to a new destination

  30. Share an old favourite family recipe and explain why it’s so special to you

There you have it - 30 new ideas for blog posts for you to try next time you’re scraping the barrel for blog content! I hope that this list is useful - if you have any ideas of your own please jump on the comments below and share them!