31 Facebook and Instagram Post Ideas

Sometimes it can be tricky coming up with content to share on social media, especially if you tend to schedule your Instagram or Facebook posts in advance.

Need some inspiration for your Facebook or Instagram feed? Look no further, here’s 31 quick ideas to help you fill up a one-month social media schedule, pronto!

My one tip to remember when creating content is to ask yourself: How will this content add value to my customers or followers’ day / life / experience with my brand? Remember, even a meme or a joke that you share can add value, if they are relevant to your brand or niche.

If you don’t have time to read them all now, why not pin them for reference later on?

31 easy social media content ideas for bloggers.png

  1. Introduce yourself - tell your story, in a brief and fun way. Tell your followers why you do what you do.

  2. Answer a commonly asked question from your blog or social media accounts.

  3. Share your favourite book and explain why you love it.

  4. Give a behind the scenes look at your kitchen / house / garden.

  5. Share your morning routine.

  6. A day on your plate - what do you typically eat?

  7. Review a local business - nothing too long, just a quick overview of what you liked about it!

  8. Share a fun fact about yourself.

  9. Share an element of your self-care routine.

  10. Make a fun boomerang post! Not sure what it is? Check this video out.

  11. Talk about someone who inspires you.

  12. Share your favourite quote.

  13. Promote your other social media channels.

  14. Share a post by one of your favourite clients / customers / followers.

  15. Share a recent blog post.

  16. Shout out your favourite local business.

  17. Take a picture of your desk or workspace.

  18. Share something funny like a meme, that relates to your business or blog niche.

  19. Celebrate a milestone such as your 1,000th follower, 100th sale, or the anniversary of your business or blog.

  20. Talk about what you are grateful for.

  21. Promote your e-newsletter.

  22. Run a competition or a poll.

  23. Re-purpose old content for your blog that might be relevant to the occasion. For example, each winter I share my collection of ‘Slow Cooker Recipes’.

  24. Share a time-saving tip relevant to your blog or business niche.

  25. Introduce a team member, a supplier or a customer, and share a fun fact about them (make sure you get their permission)

  26. Share your goals for the week ahead.

  27. Promote a new product or service but remember to ask yourself how it adds value to your customers’ lives, don’t just go full sales pitch as they’ll see straight through you!

  28. Talk about your business’ or blog’s values. For example if one of your values is ‘I am reliable’, explain how you deliver on this promise.

  29. Share a photo of your favourite place. It could be something as simple as your favourite reading spot in your house, maybe your local beach or even somewhere you have travelled that left its mark on you.

  30. Share something that inspired you to create your blog, or business. For example one of my reasons was that I wanted to create a community around food and living a simple, fulfilled life.

  31. Give your followers the floor - host an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session where they can ask you any burning questions they might have.

That concludes my 31 Facebook and Instagram post ideas for bloggers, I hope that you find this useful in planning out your monthly content.

Don’t forget, always always always ADD VALUE as much as possible with your content, and you will see the results in your follower count and engagement levels - people love authenticity, so be you!