For the love of God, not the oven, anything but the oven!

         My kitchen, aka Morgan & Meg HQ (i.e where the magic happens)

         My kitchen, aka Morgan & Meg HQ (i.e where the magic happens)

Maybe I should get into raw baking? 

Hey there fellow baked-good aficionados!

Things are going well in the Morgan & Meg kitchen.. after putting it off for what feels like a lifetime, I officially now have my Domestic Kitchen license.  It wasn't anywhere near as scary as I thought it would be. I thought my kitchen would have been hard to license, since it's really old, but luckily, she's in good structural shape and I got the license through without too much trouble at all! Just a wee bit of maintenance to do (just gotta seal around the cook top with silicone - easy!).

Since getting the food license all sorted, I have had one minor setback, that being that my gorgeous mission brown 80's oven decided she didn't want in on the markets, and started burning the bottoms of my cakes while leaving the tops raw. OK, maybe it's not so minor.. kinda need an oven if you're selling baked goods. So, I have no choice but to install a new oven. It's kinda exciting but also scary because I need the right tools for the job! I went hunting today and after much stress, overthinking and even a minor meltdown (hey, ovens are serious business, ok), I found some exciting options, one of which is super cool. I don't want to tell you exactly what it is because it might not happen and I don't want to jinx it. I'll have to do some mini renovations in my kitchen in order to install the new oven, but it's gonna be so worth it! Keep an eye on instagram and facebook for updates and pics of the reno! EXCITING TIMES AHEAD GUYS! 

In other news, I've done a spot of op shopping and found some super cute stuff to deck out my stall, and I'm nearly all done getting ready. I even bought a super professional heavy duty trolley (woo hoo, totes profesh), so really it's just the oven to go now. 

As a marketer, I know it's important to do a bit of market research before launching a business. Luckily, I have more than a few friends who love cake.. Chris, Skye, Bree, I'm looking at you! So I will be hosting a pre-market morning tea (a soft launch, if you will) at my place so I can get all my buds over and test out my recipes and discuss my pricing strategy. It's also a great way to get my brand out there and get my friends sharing pics on social media, spreading the word around town about my cool little business. Before long you'll be referring to me as CAKE MILLIONAIRE - mark my words! Seriously though, it's a really exciting time in my life as I finally feel ready to really put myself out there and test the waters with my products. I CAN'T WAIT to show my little town what I can do and bring smiles to people's faces through my love of cake! EEP so scary but also so, so cool. 

Until next time cake lovers..

Megan (aka Morgan aka Meg) xx