February and March 2017 were awesome!

Well, this post was supposed to be about what happened in February but it's taken me so long to finish it off, that it's now a February - March re-cap! It's been a very big couple of months for me, the most exciting thing that happened was that my brother got married to the love of his life Jayne, which is just the most loveliest thing ever. How wonderful are weddings? I think they might just be my favourite social event. Here's a list of some of the stuff I achieved in February and March. 

  • Returned to the markets.
  • Unveiled my new look stall - see some pics below.
  • Started selling Rubra tea products online.
  • Made my first online sale. It was $26 big ones. 
  • Realised that postage costs a lot more than I had imagined.
  • Completely stuffed up my 'Easy Banana Bread' by making it with plain flour instead of self-raising flour. In my defence, it was 4.30am in the morning. It ended up being more 'Banana Brick' than 'Banana Bread'. Naturally, I couldn't sell it. 
  • Made the decision that I need a professional photographer to take product shots for my online store. To be continued...
  • Launched a new range of dog treats with great success - they sold better than the cakes for humans and within the first hour of the market! 
  • Tried out some new recipes at the markets - some worked, some didn't - In related news, I also learnt that lemon curd doesn't like hot weather.
  • Met my all time biggest hero and legend of the Australian live music industry, Michael Chugg. He wasn't as excited as I was.
  • Started a mailchimp account and signed up my first 9 subscribers. Don't tell anyone but I am one of those 9 people. Baby steps, ok. 

And finally, I also have signed up for a new market, so on 1 April you will find me at the Carlyle Gardens Arts and Crafts market. For those of you that don't know, Carlyle Gardens is a retirement resort, and I am rather looking forward chatting to some of the residents and meeting some new people!  

Here's a list of things I am also enjoying at the moment: 

  • The return of rain in Townsville. After what feels like forever,  we are finally enjoying some decent downpours and hopefully can break this horrible drought! 
  • Thumbing my way through Sarah Wilson's 'I quit sugar'. I know, I know. I make cakes. With sugar in them. But I also believe that balance is really important and this book is showing me some really awesome ways to substitute sugar for other things. I also completely respect that Ms Wilson is such a big advocate for saving food that would otherwise be wasted. There's some awesome tips on how to eat more sustainably and it's really got me thinking of ways I can do it in my own home. More to come on that later... 
  • Dark chocolate coated licorice bullets from Christo's Deli. So moreish. And I only eat 3 per day as we all know overdosing on licorice is a BAD idea! 
  • My new Saturday morning routine - Hardcore kettlebell and cardio sesh followed by shopping for fruit and veg at The Precinct Fresh Market and then heading home to make a delicious breakfast. 
  • Sunday morning Bounty Protein Bowls at The Beet Bar. I'm seriously addicted. 
  • Binge watching Gardening Australia, Grand Designs and Dream Gardens on ABC iView. I know right. I'm such a party animal. 

Well that's about it from me for this month! Hope to see you around the traps, perhaps at the markets. Enjoy what is left of your March lovely people! 

xx Megan