Goodbye Townsville, hello new beginning!

I am just flying out over Townsville looking down over the Strand and Castle Hill. It's a beautiful morning so of course Townsville is absolutely glorious from up here - I can even see my house! I'm feeling super emotional after leaving my two best friends at the airport not to mention all of the gorgeous personalities who have 100% made my life here and kept me in Townsville for ten years rather than the original one year I had planned for. I am also feeling a sense of trepidation heading into such a big such a big unknown, not knowing what to expect when I arrive at my destination and start my new life in a small coastal town where I know no one other than my parents and my 91 year old Grandmother. 

Of course, it's also super exciting and I have to remind myself that this is what I wanted - to feel the fear and do it anyway (and other inspirational cliches). Turn my life on its head so that everything that has become too familiar and repetitive is now replaced with the unknown and ultimately, opportunity. I have to remember in the next few weeks to keep an open mind and not compare things to Townsville. This is my chance to experience new things and dive in head first, and say 'yes' to everything. I liked this advice one of my lovely friends Peter gave me at my farewell last night: 'begin as you intend to carry on'. In other words, jump in and start treading water straight away, grab this opportunity by the balls and run with it.