The Ultimate School Snack list

Well, the Christmas toy displays have disappeared from the local shops, replaced by mounds of 'Back To School' themed paraphernalia; exercise books, black leather shoes, rulers and staplers.

Not only is it time to break out your book covering skills and hope you don't lose your cool in the process, it's also about now that you are probably wondering what marvellous creations will be making their way into your kids' lunchbox this year, and maybe having a mild heart attack in the process.

Fear no more, here is my ultimate list of school snack ideas to make your life easier. I strongly recommend the Jam Drops and Anzac Biscuits as they travel really well. For healthy options, go for the Sugar Free Banana Bread or the Quinoa Muesli Bar Slice!

These are also great snacks to make for work lunches as well, so those without kids don't miss out either!